This is such a mess
Who knew such problems could arise from this beating box inside of my chest
You watch the floor cause your sister said
You'd best not come around it keeps him down
And there's no heavier weight than a frown around your neck
But I beg to differ
It's like your presence moulds a resin and numbs the pain to soak it up quicker
So I can let you tear me up again

With ties cut I'll spend my time in my room
Reflecting on plans I made but never could move
And it's almost the weekend so I guess I'll see you soon
And I'll try to be better company, that's all I can do

Why am I still such a mess?
I thought I'd buried this in silos underneath
Constantly drowning in substances so this doesn't repeat
Cigarettes on my lungs and spirits flowing past my teeth
There's gotta be something stronger so I can get back on my feet
And let you tear me up again

Every night of this week has been dragged out
You're not easy to forget
Spending my time alone on this couch
With you inside my rotting head
I bet everyone's getting sick of it
But there's no bone in my body that wants to quit
How did I fall victim to this? Never landing a hit but getting every miss
I know it's been a while now
I know it's been a while now


from Bearclaw Camp, released June 24, 2016
Written and performed by Bearclaw Camp
Recorded and Mixed by Paul Bakker
Mastered by Beau McKee



all rights reserved


Bearclaw Camp Adelaide, Australia

Adelaide - pop punk

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